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::Fallen Angels Past Shows 2005::
Cafe Toffee, Oss:: set: asphyxiation/golden cherry tree/you-and-me symphony//stranger/heroin chic/succorance/drowned/amanda//blue roses/swansong/the village/suicide poem. Thanks to the guitar- & pianoman for playing before us and letting us perform Eric Clapton's 'Layla' with them. Thank you everyone for coming out to see us, we had a really nice and good time.
Popnoir evening, Aloys, Eindhoven:: set: willywonkaintro/asphyxiation/sacred and scared/heroin-chic/suicide poem/golden cherry tree/stranger/you-and-me symphony/iloveyoutoo/martha's harbour/the village/swansong. Thanks to FUENTES for an amazing evening! Check them out @ http://www.fuentesmusic.be...
Plockpop, Volkel:: set: willywonkaintro/asphyxiation/sacred and scared/heroin-chic/suicide poem/the village/you-and-me symphony/drowned/swansong. Thanks to the bassist of PullOver for helping out with the broken string! Nice and fast show, no soundcheck, just play... felt good to play again after the holidays. Played a brand new song, went okay... Send your photos to koes@fallenangelsmusic.nl!
RosRock, Rossum:: set: intro/golden cherry tree/heroin-chic/drowned/asphyxiation/sacred and scared/swansong/suicide poem. we have photos of this gig that will appear here soon!
Diogenes, Nijmegen:: set: intro/golden cherry tree/you-and-me symphony/heroin-chic/drowned/ asphyxiation/sacred and scared/swansong/encore/suicide poem. If you have photos please email them to us at mail@fallenangelsmusic.nl or koes@fallenangelsmusic.nl! Good show, nice atmosphere, really hot on stage though. Had so much fun! thanks for coming out to see us! Extra thanks for SideWinder for playing a really nice show before us. x
Rock Oss:: set: intro/drowned/asphyxiation/heroin-chic/you and me symphony/sacred and scared/swansong. Photos coming soon we hope! (if you made pictures please email them to mail@fallenangelsmusic.nl or koes@fallenangelsmusic.nl! We played a cool show, first one with Tom and we're looking forward to the next one. x photos by starkinski.
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