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Fallen Angels::News

Updates April 2006
Hey everyone. We have a few announcements. Emy is no longer part of Fallen Angels, untill we find the right replacement Tim Ruterink will play with us (maybe to stay?). Also we have a huge delay in recording 'Apathy for breakfast' for numurous reasons. We do however have a song on Allalom's first compilation of great music named 'We make our own mistakes vol.1'... Next to our song 'Drowned' there are songs by Sacha Sacket, Dolour and Sameer Shukla. You can purchase this cd by visiting www.allalom.com or their myspace website. Thank you.

Concert and general updating
Hey everyone! Things seem to be a bit quiet here, but they're not. We're rehearsing our asses off (if you want to visit send me an email) and writing and preparing to perform and record again. January 22nd 2006 we will play a show @ Cafe Toffee, Oss. More info on that one soon! We also have plans to finally finish our recording, we need to re-record some things and we're planning that the upcoming week. Keep an eye on our site ;) take care.

New photos and concerts
We have new promotional photos up on the website! These photos were taken last Sunday by Max Italiaander in Utrecht. Hopefully you all will enjoy them!
Also we have some new concerts coming up!

Try-out and 'Apathy for Breakfast' delayed.
We will announce the date for our try-out soon! Fallen Angels will play a try-out concert at the TBL, Oss. We will play a 40 minute set to try out new songs and some old ones with Tom, our new drummer. This might be the last show for a little while for different reasons. We hope to play again during the summer and after the summer holidays.
Also, it looks like 'Apathy for Breakfast' will be delayed. We already recorded and mixed the songs but there are some things we still have to get done.




Fallen Angels::Concer t

June 11 Rock Oss
June 23 Diogenes Nijmegen
July 2 RosRock
September 25 PlockPop,Volkel
October 7 Aloys, Eindhoven

January 22 Cafe Toffee, Oss

More concert dates to be
confirmed soon!

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Fallen Angels::PureVolume
Click the button for our PureVolume profile @ www.purevolume.com/fallenangelsnl! On this profile you will find exclusive songs, as well as songs from 'Apathy for breakfast' to listen!



Fallen Angels::Downloads
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Studio:Superstititious Flowers 2003
Golden Cherry Tree

Misc:Radio Acoustics 2004
Cinderella's Descent [@MaaslandFM]

Youandme (completely trashed)
Re-worked by Koes, vocals by Lia. Original version to appear on 'Apathy for Breakfast'



Fallen Angels::Band & Crew

Lia Albers: vocals
Lotte Vermeulen: violin, piano, keyboards, backing vocals,additional everything
Tim Ruterink: guitars
Tom Delforterie: drums
Koes Staassen: bass, guitars, zither

Photos: Max Italiaander, 141,Staralfar, Koes
Website: Dani, Koes
Board: Ophelia & May du Reve

OnStageTapeMaster: Marcel

More to come soon!
Discography, Band diary,
maybe even contests!

Fallen Angels::Contact

A good way to contact Fallen Angels is by sending an email to the following email-adres: mail@fallenangelsmusic.nl

Band members: lia@fallenangelsmusic.nl, lotte@fallenangelsmusic.nl, emy@fallenangelsmusic.nl, tom@fallenangelsmusic.nl, koes@fallenangelsmusic.nl


Fallen Angels::About

Some call them a triprock band, others link them to Tori Amos and Heather Nova. Fallen Angels is a band you can't describe easily. Coming from a pure pop back-ground they transformed into something quite unique. The combination of beautiful lyrics, violin playing, piano and guitars produce something dark and fairy-like.
Fallen Angels play something called: Pop Noir.
The lyrics usually describe tragic stories. Such as the story of Ophelia (drowned), or Cinderella (Cinderella's Descend).
Fallen Angels are influenced by alot of artists and bands such as:
theGathering, Tori Amos, Portishead, Heather Nova.

"Poppy with an edge..." [Anneke van Giersbergen, theGathering]
"Magical vocals." [Musicmag OOR]



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